How a Backpacking Makeup Artist Stopped Wearing Makeup

Let me just get one thing straight before I start this article. You do not need makeup as a backpacker. 4 months ago when I began backpacking, there was a time where I would not walk out of my hostel without a full face of makeup on, despite it being nearly 30 degrees outside. Now, I literally have no makeup in my backpack. Continue reading


Airlie Beach, QLD

We didn’t stay in Airlie Beach for too long – only 1 night on our way down to do our Fraser Island tour. There was a lot of umming and ahhing over whether or not to do a Whitsunday’s tour, however we all came to the conclusion that we didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend on it, and boat’s weren’t really our thing, so we chose to do Fraser Island instead.  Continue reading

Townsville, QLD

After missing our bus and having to fork out a heap of money for a new one, Leigh and I finally arrived in Townsville, albeit a little later than we had planned. Luckily, Natalie was already checked into the hostel and had been on a booze run, so we were all set when we arrived at Adventurer’s Backpackers in the ville of Towns. Continue reading

Cairns, QLD

After I spent my two and a half weeks in Perth, it was time to leave everybody I had met (sad, right?) and fly solo off to the big bad city of Cairns. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to, and was soooo nervous as I was about to begin backpacking on my own. Something I had never even considered before and something that scared me more than I thought it would. As my new found friends drove me to the airport, they began reassuring me that everything would be fine (they could see how distressed I was looking, apparently) and off I flew into the unknown. Continue reading

Perth, WA

Seeing as I’ve finally decided to come back to the blogging world, I thought it would be easier to do a separate post on each town/city I visited during my travels complete with pictures, to let you know the places to see/go to if you are thinking of travelling, and also so you don’t get bored if I try and let loose on hundreds of stories that don’t have a lot of reference to anywhere. Continue reading