How a Backpacking Makeup Artist Stopped Wearing Makeup

Let me just get one thing straight before I start this article. You do not need makeup as a backpacker. 4 months ago when I began backpacking, there was a time where I would not walk out of my hostel without a full face of makeup on, despite it being nearly 30 degrees outside. Now, I literally have no makeup in my backpack. Continue reading


A Response To Zoella and Alfie

You’ve probably heard, but a few days ago Zoe Sugg (also known as Zoella) and Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) have reached out on Twitter asking for privacy, as they’ve become annoyed with fans trying to peer into their house windows, knocking on their door etc. Continue reading

Arriving in Perth

Just a quick post to say apologies for being so absent the past couple of days – I’ve been travelling an have had a limited use of wifi! However the long haul flights have made me prepare tons of content for you guys that I will be posting shortly!

I’ve just arrived in Perth a few hours ago, and as its 1:30am here I’m safely tucked up in bed ready to sleep as much as I can before we start adventuring round the city tomorrow!


Abbey x

Going Gaga for Greige

There’s a new colour trend that’s storming the fashion, beauty and design worlds simultaneously and that colour is greige. A fabulous mix of shades between grey and beige, it’s becoming known all over the internet and people are flocking to jump on the greige bandwagon. I, myself, personally love the trend. I think that it’s an inspiring and unique shade to work with, and whilst it may sound ultra dull and boring, it’s anything but. Different greige tones include purple, lilac and even pink undertones, which make it a perfect beauty accessory. Have a look at these lovely photographs to see how you can use the colour to enhance your fashion, makeup look or even your home. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: All photographs are from Pinterest used under the Creative Commons Act.