Going Gaga for Greige

There’s a new colour trend that’s storming the fashion, beauty and design worlds simultaneously and that colour is greige. A fabulous mix of shades between grey and beige, it’s becoming known all over the internet and people are flocking to jump on the greige bandwagon. I, myself, personally love the trend. I think that it’s an inspiring and unique shade to work with, and whilst it may sound ultra dull and boring, it’s anything but. Different greige tones include purple, lilac and even pink undertones, which make it a perfect beauty accessory. Have a look at these lovely photographs to see how you can use the colour to enhance your fashion, makeup look or even your home. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: All photographs are from Pinterest used under the Creative Commons Act.


Questions for the Modelling Industry

This is a post mainly sparked by a girl named Agnes Hedengard. If you haven’t heard of her already, she’s basically making a storm all over the Internet with this video.

She claims she has been refused work in the modelling industry due to her “wide hips” and has been called “too big” despite having a BMI that would technically class her as underweight. Continue reading

Paul’s Boutique False Lashes REVIEW

Continuing on from my latest monthly haul, I wanted to do a little review on the new Paul’s Boutique Intense Volume False Lashes. Paul’s Boutique’s cosmetic line is something that is new to me, and I don’t know whether that’s just because the makeup choices around me are extremely limited or not (I live in a small town, I actually know many of the Superdrug staff members by name, and vice versa) but this is something I have wanted to try out and finally have. Continue reading

Nail Jewellery: The Next Big Trend

Instagram is going crazy over a brand called AlleyCat Jewelry – and I’ve recently been able to cover the company in an article for Crème de la Bride magazine. Founded by Carley Stadelmann, it’s a brilliant brand that has built a name for itself over in the US and is starting to creep all over the world. All you have to do is enter a few keywords into Instagram and you’re left with thousands of photo’s of people rocking the accessories, promoting the brand and gaining followers.

11379208_1653931368161232_1088910252_n_zpsw7vy8i5n 11348254_885429288199213_1022131366_n_zpsahywnjnf Continue reading